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Over the last decade the demand for quality content serving TV, streaming and movie download platforms has grown substantially. Driven by advances in media technology and an ever-growing public demand, more and more content is being sought and produced every day. This growing demand has driven profitability, making film and TV some of the most viable and robust sectors in which to invest.

At Creative Media Investments we specialise in targeting medium budget productions with the potential for high returns. We couple our in-depth knowledge of the film and TV industries with a leaner approach to investment management. Our targeted strategy gives our clients the greatest returns potential on their media sector investments.

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How do we provide a low risk structure and potentially higher returns than our competitors?

Our team

Our team has accumulated decades of experience funding and producing film and TV projects around the world. We have extensive knowledge of global investments in the media sector via tax incentives, production tax rebates and bank financing. We create value for our clients by identifying and managing strong investment opportunities through our extensive network of commercial partners.