About Us

Creative Media Investments

Shining the light on film and media sector, Creative Media Investments create opportunities for new ideas to become great businesses. We combine talents from established businesses across the film, TV and media industry.

Big Worldwide

Big Worldwide is a global technology, media and travel company, bringing together film and TV professionals from China and Europe to facilitate media production. It works closely with award-winning writers and directors in Hollywood, the UK and China, and its multinational team handles the often complex legal and logistical issues involved in bridging these areas.

Kin Capital

Kin Capital Partners LLP is an experienced fund management firm whose partners have individually helped raise more than half a billion pounds of investment over the last decade for a variety of different companies and investment funds, including some of the best known names in the industry. The Manager and Creative Media Investments Limited have entered into arrangements with three dynamic partners in the media and finance world to create a strong management team operating in the media marketplace. The offering, Silver Lining Screen Fund, is not in itself a separate legal entity but rather a contractually based collective investment undertaking. Through this, funds are aggregated to enable the Manager to subscribe for a portfolio of EIS-qualifying companies.

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