Creative Media Investments offers the opportunity to support the film and TV industry by investing in one or more companies that will produce an exciting range of projects.

Creative Media Screen Fund

The Creative Media Screen Fund is a group of Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) qualifying companies that will produce content for the burgeoning home and mobile entertainment market. It is aligned with government tax initiatives and represents a fantastic opportunity to support the film and TV industry within a low risk investment structure.

The Creative Media Screen Fund is a unique offer within the EIS media sector characterised by a lean financial structure to maximise investors’ returns. The investment opportunity mitigates risk by diversifying investments across a number of high calibre film and TV projects.

  • 30%

    upfront income
    tax rebate

  • 0%

    tax on
    capital gains

  • HMRC advanced

  • 20%

    CGT tax deferral

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Risk warnings

Investors should consider carefully all of the information set out in the Information Memorandum before making an investment decision. They should consider whether an investment in the Creative Media Screen Fund (CMSF) constitutes a suitable investment in light of their personal circumstances, tax position and the financial resources available to them.

An investment into the CMSF involves a high degree of risk as funds are invested into unquoted, high risk companies, and may not be suitable for all investors. Investors should, therefore, seek advice from a stockbroker, accountant, fund manager or other independent financial adviser before making any decision to invest. Investors are also recommended to consult a professional adviser regarding their personal tax position.

The Information Memorandum should be read and considered in detail because it contains the material risk factors that the Manager and the Investment Adviser believe to be associated with an investment in the CMSF. If any of those risks occur, the financial position and/or results of any the CMSF companies could be materially and adversely affected, as could the availability of tax reliefs to investors. In such circumstances, investors may lose all or part of their investment.

Additional risks and uncertainties not presently known, or that are deemed to be immaterial, may also have an adverse effect on the CMSF. The risks described in the Information Memorandum do not necessarily include all the risks associated with investment in the CMSF.

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